Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to Basketball

Basketball has always been the first sport I fell in love with and will always be "my sport". I haven't played basketball in over a year and a half. Since Kaitlyn joined our family getting away to play basketball has become increasingly difficult. Difficult in the standpoint that I honestly don't like being away from her.

Recently my wife's coworker asked me to play in a league with him and I decided to jump in. My first game will be this coming Tuesday and so I decided to get out to a park and shoot around to get the muscle memory back. Joe and Flex met up and we played a few games of 21 and finished up with a game of "2-Dribble". The game is simple. It's 1 on 1, where the guy with the ball can only dribble the ball two times. If you score you stay on and a new defender comes on, if you don't score the defender goes to offense and a new defender comes in. The game really makes you work on your mid-range jumper, your first step and your pull up jumper which nowadays is a skill a lot of guards lack. I found this drill back when I played at Grossmont College and found it helpful in my mid-range and pull up jumper.

After the game of "2 Dribble" I explained how this drill is so important and it got me to thinking about my son who will be joining us in April. I can't wait to take him to the courts and teach him the game of basketball.

I'm so excited, it's ridiculous. Not just from the idea of teaching my son how to play basketball but from the feeling I got last night from playing basketball again. It was as if I brought some type of balance back into my life.

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