Thursday, January 14, 2010


It seems like all I want to do nowadays is drill. Get my fundamental movement down. Get better hip movement, etc... Today at the gym Mike gave me a few more drills to work on, I also discovered what I've been doing wrong in my armbar and triangle drills. ANGLES!!!!

Drills to work on:

Triangle - Armbar
No Arms Omoplata
Step over passing from quarter
Step over passing to monoplata
Step over passing to back
Shoulder roll - sideways

I've now made updated my goals to do 2,000 armbars, 2,000 triangles and 2,000 omoplatas from drilling.

Another epiphany I had was the fact that Mike drilled home for me is that it's not about the move, its' about the movement.

Now just gotta make sure I get in there and do it.

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