Sunday, July 18, 2010

Face to face, a birthday and a little magic

This past Wednesday (July 14th) my parents came back from the Philippines, just in time for Caleb's baptism. They fly back and forth spending 4 to 5 months at a time there or here.  It's always special when my parents come back cause quite frankly I miss them, but this return was extremely special for the family as my parents, Oyong (Grandpa) and Oyang (Grandma), got to meet Caleb in person for the first time.  They were in the Philippines when he was born, which on the surface some would think that sucks but in reality works out for the best.  They'll start watching in Kaitlyn and Caleb in August (when Kirstie goes back to work) for 5 months and then it's time for them to go back.  So you can see how it works out for the best.

Caleb and Oyang

Caleb and Oyong

The 15th was Roger's 27th birthday and we celebrated at Red Lobster.  I had to take this pic to show the eerie resemblance of Caleb and Roger.  It's as if someone went in a time machine and stole Roger and brought him to present day to meet each other.  

Doesn't this ruin the space time continuum?

So as you can see it was a busy last few days.  Wednesday my parents come back, Roger's birthday on Thursday, Caleb's baptism on Friday followed by his party on Saturday.  Throw on top of all that I'm working weekends (guess where I'm updating this blog from), it's been hectic.

As I said Caleb's party was on Saturday and as always it's great to spend time with family and friends.  Kaitlyn, being the showstopper that she is didn't want to take a back seat to her brother's celebration so of course she had to pull out a magic trick.

It's been a blessed few days, minus the working weekends.

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