Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling a little sick

The wife and kids have been sick since last week and I was lucky enough to dodge whatever they had until this past weekend.  Itchy throat, a little fever and congestion equals no fun for me.  I was contemplating doing the mongo thing and working out anyways, but with work being busy I might as well take some time off from working out.

I had packed my gym bag yesterday to run and today in hopes of training but I'm going to be a little bit cautious about everything.  It would suck to get someone at the gym sick (though I don't think I'm THAT sick) and I do think sweating would help.

I'll just take another day off today, since I'm feeling better and be back on it tomorrow (I hope)

UPDATE - was pretty bummed about not running or training today, but was completely stoked to go to lunch with the wife and kids.

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