Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looks like I might be running

Was really bummed out that I hadn't done a race this year.  In the last two months I've been trying to find a race to do, but it looks like that's all changing.  With the help of a good friend and training partner from the Stronghold, Ben, I plan on running a half marathon before the year is over.

Ben is going to be taking on the role of my running / triathlon coach for the next year.  He recently offered to help me prepare for the Mission Bay Sprint Triathlon which is on October 3rd.  Unfortunately with American Nationals and the Disney Scavenger Hunt happening on September 25th and 26th I highly doubt I can get the permission slip signed for the triathlon.  So the next best thing is to do a half marathon.  He's been breaking down the science behind training.  Trying to run with a certain cadence and within certain zones.  All foreign concepts to me.  I've always looked at running and training as going out there and pushing it, but he's been showing me articles on how to train properly and so I'm going to give it a try with his guidance.  I mean the guy did Half Ironman in Hawaii and did the run in 1:56:11 after the swim and bike (which he did at a 19.7 mph pace), so I figure he knows what the f*ck he's doing.

Searching around it came down to two races:


Rock 'n' Roll Vegas Half is on December 5th while the Silver Strand Half is on November 14th.  Both races are flat, out and back courses.  RnR is in Vegas, enough said, while the Silver Strand is local.  Tough decision, but I think I'm going with the Silver Strand...FINAL ANSWER. 

I figure it's a cheaper event (about $100 cheaper) and it's local so I save on the travel costs on top of the gambling costs.  So Silver Strand it I gotta check in with the wife to make sure we don't have anything going on that weekend.

We'll see how training smarter not harder works for me.  I guess Scrooge McDuck had it right all along, "Work smarter, NOT harder".

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