Tuesday, August 31, 2010

08.31.10 - Workout

Surprisingly got my butt out of bed to workout.  Typically I should do 30 reps each, but due to time constraints I down shifted to 20 (plus I'm feeling a little out of shape).  I'm hoping as I progress and get in better shape I'm banging out 30 reps of each and done in 30 minutes. 

1. Pull ups
2. Shifting push ups

3. Deck squat
4. Tuck sit up

5. Body weight row (substituted w/ kettlebell rows)
6. Dive bomber push ups

7. Archer
8. Alternating knees to elbow

9. Sprinters lunge
10. Burpees

Note to self - take deuce before working out cause I kinda felt like shiet.


So at the beginning of the month I bought a Power Balance bracelet because of the hype.  I must say it's power of persuasion has been helpful.  I feel better, etc... but apparently my body produces too much energy that it's back firing now.  For some reason I've been able to burn a hole through my power balance disc.

I contacted Power Balance and they said this shouldn't happen, so I'm sending it back to them and they said they'd be more than happy to replace it.  So for a week or two I will be susceptible to lose my balance and possibly not be as strong as I would like.

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