Sunday, April 3, 2011

04.02.2011 - Running

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So I finally got out to run 10.5 miles of the La Jolla Half. I'm so glad I did cause now I know my enemy and I know what I'm up against. I think with all my recent success in training I was getting a little ahead of myself and I think today's run brought me to reality.

A couple of side notes that I know and hope won't happen come race day:

1. Diet. I ended up having a Rockstar and Donut for breakfast and that's all I had. Definitely won't be eating like that come race day. Oatmeal and a banana 2-3 hours before the race.

2. Nutrition. I left my 5 Hour Energy in the car and I typically take one before I run along with a Gu 45 minutes later.

3. Weather. I ran around noon and it was surpisingly warm with no clouds.

4. Adrendaline. I found myself a bit too pumped up when running. Hopefully I'll have that under control come race day.

With all the excuses out the way, here's the run.

Based off of all the training leading up to the race I truly believed a time between 1:43 and 1:47 was possible. I still think 1:47 and faster is definitely possible. Averaging below a 8 min pace the first 5 miles will get my stride going. I'll concede a 9:40 at the big hill then start chopping away until I can get down to hopefully an 8:20 or faster pace.

I'll probably hit Torrey Pines again next Sunday to get another crack at it before the race.

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