Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11.16.2011 - Swim Workout (CA IM70.3)

Woke up late and couldn't do my swim workout in the morning so I did it in the evening which caused me to only get 1 of 2 workouts in.  I missed my run workout. Maybe I'll make it up tomorrow?

Warm up - 300 meters @ easy pace (SW3)

Swim Drill Set - 8 x 25 meters of mixed form drills w/ 10-second rest periods (SDS3)

Swim Base Intervals - 5 x 100 meters at moderate pace w/ 5 second rest periods (SBI4)

Swim Kick Set - 8 x 25 meters kicking only, w/ 15 second rest periods (SKS3)

Swim Cool Cown - 300 meters @ easy pace (SCD3)

1,500 meters total

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