Friday, November 18, 2011

11.18.2011 - Swim Workout (CA IM70.3)

I can sense myself slipping already.  Maybe it's because it's a 20 week program and I can make it up.  Maybe it's cause work has been kicking my ass but last night I was supposed to be on the bike for an hour, but ended up not doing it.

This morning I was supposed to swim and run in the afternoon, but ended up waking up late and swimming in the evening.  I feel like my base is running and the swim and bike are where I want to improve the most so maybe during the first 4 weeks I can get away with it but definitely can't neglect it.

As for the swim.  There's something about swimming when the water temp is warmer than the air temp.  When you jump out you definitely feel alive and awake.  I've been working on my flip turns and I think it's helped me mentally and technically as I can keep a good rhythmic stroke going for longer periods.  I'm already gaining confidence in my swim and I think I can only get stronger.  I thought doing the swim in 40 minutes would be a dream scenario, but  if i can continue my strides I think it could become a reality.

Warm up - 300 meters @ easy pace (SW3)

Drill Set - 8 x 25 meters of mixed form drills w/ 10-second rest periods (SDS3)

Swim Fartlek Intervals - 8 x 100 meters (25 easy/25 hard) w/ 10 second rest periods (SFI3)

Swim Cool Cown - 300 meters @ easy pace (SCD3)

1,600 meters total

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