Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11.22.2011 - Workout / Training

Last night I went to the gym to train.  10 round Monday, which I think is best to keep me sharp now that my training will be about 3 days a week while I train for my Iron Man.  I felt good.  My knee is still bothering me a bit, but I'm doing all the right things in icing and taking ibuprofren.  I found this half guard attack this morning from one of my RSS feeds and found it really interesting (a bit flashy)  and something to maybe work on.

As for the Iron Man training, the first week didn't go that great.  I missed some workouts, but I didn't miss all of them.  The goal is to be consistent and though it's early I need to make it a routine early than late.

I'm trying to do workouts every Tuesday and Thursday morning during this 20-week Iron Man training program.  Nothing too crazy.  I woke up this morning and did a modified 300 Kettlebell Challenge.  My goal is to mix up the weights and reps down the road.

With a 36# kettlebell:

Around the Body Pass - 10 reps each side
Good Morning - 10 reps
Windmill - 5 reps each side

Swing - 10 reps each side
Snatch - 10 reps each side
Clean and Press - 10 reps each side

Turkish Get up - 5 reps each side
Suitcase Row - 10 reps each side
Crush Push up - 10 reps

Cool Down:  Situps

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