Wednesday, November 14, 2007


*UPDATE* - the run to the stairs is roughly 1.1 miles. So I guess that's my warm up. Found this awesome thing on google.

After dogging it for about a week, I did the stairs run with Steve, Ahmed and Kenny. I did all 16 sets, but it kicked my ass. That's a good sign though. I haven't ran for some time now but was still able to get the entire 16 out. Let's just say Project: Kick Ryan's Ass AGAIN is well underway.

So here's the plan of attack:


AM Workout - Row and kettlebells

PM Workout - Distance run


AM Workout - Hill Sprints

PM Workout - Stairs (Sprints)


AM Workout - Row and kettlebells

PM Workout - Easy run

I'm probably going to do the hill this Friday just cause I skipped out this morning and get to a normal schedule next week. The workout above is just what I'm doing for the half marathon and not counting my crossfit and bjj I'll be doing. I hope after all this I'm in crazy shape.

Ryan - you should have never started just lit a huge fire under my ass. HAHAHA.

*PM UPDATE* - After work I went to the gym to find that the workout of the day was "Linda". Reps of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of the following:

Deadlift 150% of your body weight
Bench Press your body weight
Clean 75% of your body weight

F'THIS! I was already dead tired after my stairs and my hamstring and knees were bothering me. So I decided to not do the WOD and just roll. Bad idea! Towards the end of class my calves and feet were cramping! Oh this sucks...

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