Monday, November 19, 2007

Cell Phone Etiquette

Okay, I know I've posted twice already today but I HAD to post about what just happened. Have you ever thought about proper cell phone etiquette? I mean there's the obvious, right, like turn off your cell phone in church or a movie theater or try not talking on your cell phone in an elevator? I mean how much more do you have to tell us that you're popular by letting everyone in the elevator know your business.

Anyways, on to my story. So typically around 3pm it's "Blockbuster" time, aka take a doo doo. So I go downstairs to handle my business and sit in my stall. Then probably 2 minutes later some guy walks in talking on his cell phone. It's obvious he's talking to his boss cause he keeps saying how he's going to take care of it or I'll look into it. So the dude sits down in the stall next to me and starts handling his business by ripping one. The funny thing is I can hear his boss through his cell phone. I'm like WTF are you doing! Is it that important that your boss hear you rip one over the phone. The best thing is he does one of those I'm talking but I'm gonna try my harrrrrddddeest to mmaaaaakkkke it soooounnnd like I'm not POOOOOOOOOING.

Needless to say he ruined my blockbuster and I had to cut it short.

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