Sunday, December 23, 2007

Arm Drag

Yesterday's class at the Stronghold we worked on 2 on 1 arm drags.

Arm Drag
  • Using grip #2, pull arm across
  • Outside foot kick out past opponent's butt when pulling arm across
  • Pull should end with bicep on bicep
  • Grab opponent's lat

Arm Drag to Guillotine

  • From arm drag
  • Pull wrist toward body
  • Pinch elbows
  • Be sure to lock down their legs so they can not get out


  • After the arm drag, you can attack the back using the darce shown on Thursday.
  • The shoulder attack shown on Thursday maybe available as well.
  • When attacking he guillotine, the calf crank and twister are available to attack as well.

I was dead tired during class from running and the WOD. Ended up rolling with Mike. Felt good for being exhausted.

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