Thursday, December 20, 2007

Attacking the Back

Evening class at the Stronghold. Worked attacking the back from the closed guard.

Note: sequence starts from closed guard and will be attacking right arm.

Attacking the Back Sequence
  • 2 on 1 arm drag (see grip #2 from Roy's seminar)
  • Use left foot on hip to trap arm from coming out.
  • Make sure right arm is cross your body with opponent's elbow on mat
  • Grab opponent's back or arm pit (get to side) with left arm
  • Trap arm with body
  • Slide right arm across neck to grab elbow (darce)
  • Use left arm to grab elbow
  • Roll them over to take back.

Notes - If opponent gets arm free attack the opposite arm. Raise hips then drag arm across when you bring hips back down.

Attacking Elbow

  • Can not work to get the darce to roll opponent
  • Use right elbow to trap opponent's arm between your hip and elbow
  • Plant left leg
  • Drive forward while going down and pulling your right arm back to secure shoulder lock

Hip bump sequence

  • Secured 2 on 1 arm drag
  • Use your right arm to posture up. Don't use elbow to prop up but the your arm
  • Grab opponents back with left arm
  • Use left arm to grab opponent's left elbow or gi sleeve
  • Pull arm through and hip bump
  • Finish with S-mount or mount


Anthony - tried working guard pass. One thing I've noticed when rolling with more experienced guys is that they can get my head out of place. Struggled with my head placement and it gave me fits trying to pass. Good roll.

Adrian - worked guard pass. Found trouble with knee on stomach. Got flipped over. Wasn't expecting get thrown that way. Typical reaction I was looking for was for him to push my knee. Need to look into that. Got to work escapes.

Mars - worked guard pass. Was able to pass to work knee on stomach. Good roll. Was able to finish an arm bar from knee on stomach. Should have worked more escapes with him.

John - Death Match! Horrible. Loser does 50 gi pull ups. No time limit and started standing. Lucky for me John was gassed. Was able to get the takedown and pass. Worked for arm bar and transitioned to triangle to finish. Lucky for me he was tired because there's no way it would have gone down like that if he had gas.


  • When passing, don't think you have to pass right away. I think you rarely get clean passes. Pass to half guard and smash.
  • Figure out knee on stomach reactions.
  • Head placement when passing. Don't let my head get knocked around so easily. Put the top of my head in their chin and create pressure.
  • From side mount escape, work on grabbing inner collar to create a choke.
  • Focus for '08: 1. ESCAPES 2. GUARD PASS 3. CONTROL (Side and full mount)

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