Saturday, December 29, 2007

Defending the Back and more Guard Passing

Worked on defending the back.

Back Flat
  • 2 on 1 on arm attempting to choke
  • Get back to mat (opposite of the choke)
  • Kick leg out to get around hooks
  • Get flat on mat (can give up mount or try and scramble)

Baseball Bat Grip

  • 2 on 1 on arm attempting to choke
  • Work for baseball grip on wrist
  • Sink and get head to outside of their shoulder
  • Get back on mat (side that is controlling arm)
  • Kick leg out to get around hooks

Baseball Bat Grip #2

  • Same sequence
  • But when you get your back on mat. Make sure body is on top of their thigh.
  • Kick up and roll into their guard

One thing that seemed to maybe work is trying to pin the arm into them using the push / pull motion. From there you might be able to pin them so that they can't get on top. Not sure if this works, but something that might work.

Guard Passing

This is really an update to an update that was done on 12/19/07. Couple of problem areas I was running into was my head placement. Mike gave me some tricks to combat them.

Heel to butt

  • When attacking the half guard Mike gave me the tip that I'm not sprawling when I do the heel to butt move

Wrestler's Cradle

  • Use when head is being pushed around a lot
  • With arm grab the top of their head
  • Bring their head to their knee
  • Lock hands together
  • Sprawl and walk around

Head to knee

  • Same as wrestler's cradle, use when head is being bounced around
  • Weave hand between legs
  • Grab top of their head and bring it to their knee
  • Sprawl, heel to butt and walk around


  • IF head is being pushed a lot
  • Instead of weaving hand between legs, put bicep in the bend of their foot
  • Grab their butt and pin leg
  • Sprawl and hop around


  • Work on the heel to butt move. It seems as if it'll open a lot when it comes to attacking and defending.
  • Keep at working my guard pass.
  • Next year focus in on escapes.

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