Saturday, December 15, 2007

Side Mount and Grips

Worked side mount on Saturday with Anthony at the gym.

Side mount (breaking posture)
  • Sprawl on arm using hip
  • Reverse keysa (end on top of arm)
  • Slide up to attack arm
  • Hips should be on shoulders near opponents face to eliminate opponent from being able to upa

Side mount (breaking posture #2)

  • Sprawl on arm
  • Slide up across body


Dave - was working the x-pass and guard pass in general. Was able to work my game from the side and was able to be more aggressive. He attempted to try and make it a drilling session again but I made sure that he didn't. Felt good with him because I was able to do accomplish what I wanted (pass guard and attack from side). Was able to work to take his back using a sweep I saw on while he turtled. Couldn't finish the choke but was stoked I was able to get the sweep.

Mike P. - once again was able to work my guard pass game and worked a lot of pressure game on him. I could tell by the time I got to him he was a bit tired.

Jaime - gotta say this was the first time I rolled with him where I didn't feel like I was getting steam rolled. I was able to work my guard pass game and was definitely more aggressive. He put me on my back and I was able to put him on his. It was a good roll with us exchanging positions. Definitely didn't feel dominated. I think playing a bit more aggressive helped.

Jim - was able to control position from the guard and side mount as well as work my guard pass. Worked knee on stomach that Dave's been helping me with and finished with an armbar.


Was glad to see my aggressiveness paid off when I rolled, as well as my guard pass. Even though I was able to pass...I still need to work on it to the point that it's automatic and I'm getting my pass at a very high rate. One thing to work on is my guard...people till get by, so maybe I need to focus in on half and potentially x-guard. I'll probably focus in on my guard in January since my focus is guard pass.

Later on that afternoon, Roy Harris had a seminar at SouthBay Jiu Jitsu Club where he covered grips.

  1. Spiderman grip - fold sleeve over, middle and ring finger do most of the work. Can be used in combination with most other grips

  2. Elbow control - control with fabric above elbow or tricep. Used primarily with #1.

  3. Collar - wrist behind neck and curl wrist

  4. Collarbone - drive into collarbone, not as deep as #3.

  5. Belt (front) - great for push / pull. Can be used for controlling opponent in guard.

  6. Belt (back) - great for push / pull.

  7. Knees - grab on the inside part of the knee, used primarily for passing (toriani).

  8. Pants (at ankle) - used for passing or to prevent opponent from passing.

Unfortunately I had to leave midway through and wasn't able to stay for the whole seminar. He touched briefly on combinations (using different grips and their purposes). One thing he touched on that I do know I need to work on is the whole "push / pull" action when it comes to my grips.

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