Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carlsbad Half Marathon

Here's the recap of the day:

I wake up around 3am to eat breakfast and leave the house for Carlsbad around 5am. We get there about 5:45am and it's freezing outside. The gauge in my car says it's a nice 38 degrees outside and I'm not looking forward to the run. Luckily by the time the race starts it's maybe in the 40's.

I meet up with Ryan and we line up for the race, trying to get close to the 8:23 pace group. Once we start the pace group seems as if they're going sub 8 minute miles and get some distance between us. I tried to stick to the game plan and run a 8:20/mile for the first 3 miles and then pick it up after that. After the first mile of running an 8:20/mile I found myself picking up the pace and running an 8:00/mile pace and eventually catching up to the pace guy. Crazy thing though is according to my watch this dude is going way faster than his supposed 8:23 pace.

I eventually pass the pace guy and tried to keep a pace throughout the race.

So here's my official chip time and stats:

Finish: 1:46:14 (pace 8:07)

1st half split 6.6 mile: 54:37 (pace 8:17)

2nd half split 6.5 mile: 51:37 (pace 7:56)

Place: 859 out of 6,334

Men: 639 out of 2,632

Men 25 - 29 yrs old: 99 out of 358

Pretty stoked at my results. I think if I picked it up a little bit more in the 1st half I would have maybe had a shot at finishing around 1:44:00, but the slower pace at the beginning probably helped me warm up and paid dividends to finish the 2nd half strong.

According to my watch I finished at 1:46:19 (8:02/mile).

Per my watch:

1st mile - 8:22
2nd mile - 7:54
3rd mile - 8:07
4th mile - 7:55
5th mile - 8:12
6th mile - 8:01
7th mile - 8:06
8th mile - 7:52
9th mile - 7:52
10th mile - 8:09
11th mile - 8:14
12th mile - 8:01
13th mile - 7:52
Last .24 - 1:42

I can't figure out why my garmin doesn't sync up exactly with the course. It was supposed to be 13.1 miles but according to my watch I ran 13.24...go figure.

Overall I thought it was good race. I was able to finish under 1:50, but I wasn't able to get in at 1:44 which is fine. I told Ryan I'm retiring from running. Leaving me 2-0 in head to head races and 15-0 in NBA 2k. I might as well finish on top or pursue something new (ala MJ and baseball). HAHAHA...J/K.

FYI - Ryan smashed the race. He finished at 1:50:44 and would have finished faster had he not had to deal with some nasty shin splints. The guy was flying!

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