Thursday, January 17, 2008

My "Hearts on Fire"...

and it burns with strong desire! HAHAHA...something about 80's music and their lyrics. You slap those lyrics and beats to a training montage and WHAM-O, you get the perfect motivating song ever made! I bring up the whole 80's music deal because today at lunch I had one of my best runs ever and I owe it all to 3 songs on repeat:
  1. "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor (Rocky III)
  2. "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito (Karate Kid I)
  3. "Heart's on Fire" by John Cafferty (Rocky IV)

And the result? 5 miles in 37:26 (7:30/mile pace)

1st mile - 7:34

2nd mile - 7:30

3rd mile - 7:42

4th mile - 7:34

5th mile - 7:06

I was really pushing to get that last mile at sub 7, but I was trying to do it uphill for the last .25 mile. I'm feeling great going into this Sunday and hope I can get my goal of 1:44:00. I've told myself if I finish under 1:50:00 I'd be happy, but my ultimate goal is 1:44:00.

I totally feel like Rocky during his training in Russia, but at the end of my training instead of yelling Drago I'm yelling RYYYYYYAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!

Now don't tell me after watching this video you're not hyped up and want to go out and out run a Russian car in the snow?

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