Saturday, January 12, 2008

Collar Chokes

At the grand opening of the gym Roy Harris held class and showed us collar chokes. His focus was on 4 chokes: palm up/palm up, palm up/palm down, bow and arrow and loop choke. He also gave us insight when these chokes are available.

(All my notes are from the butterfly guard and with my right hand grabbing their right lapel)

Palm up / Palm up
  • Opponent attempts to pass to my left
  • Slip left hand in for choke
  • Stay sitting as long as possible
  • Want thumbs to touch
  • Curl wrist so that the wrist is on neck
  • Pull and scissor

Palm up / Palm down

  • Opponent attempts to pass to my right
  • Grab over the top with left and grab gi (shoulder area, near neck)
  • Stay sitting as long as possible
  • Want thumb and pinkie finger to touch
  • Push / Pull - pulling with my right and pushing with my left (scissor)

Bow and arrow

  • Available when opponent postures up
  • Slide grip down to #3 in the collar bone
  • Left hand slide under and grab opponent's left lapel (doesn't matter how high)
  • With right grip pull opponent's head down
  • Stiff arm their neck, keeping fist closed and pull the left lapel (bow and arrow)

Loop choke

  • Available when opponent puts their head down
  • Drop grip again so that wrist is in their sternum
  • Make sure back of hand is in chest so that wrist is parallel with their neck
  • Left hand goes over opponent's neck and into loop created by right arm
  • Pull up with right and push down with left

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