Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just call me "Flash"

I ran at lunch today and covered 8* miles. The first mile was a total fluke. I was on my way and all of the sudden my garmin watch beeps to tell me I just completed my first mile at a lightning 5:56!!!! WHOA!!!!! Too bad I wasn't at the 1 mile landmark! I think the signal was screwed my first mile so I'm planning on throwing that first mile out.

1st mile - 5:56*
2nd mile - 7:35
3rd mile - 7:51
4th mile - 7:53
5th mile - 8:18
6th mile - 8:32
7th mile - 8:15
8th mile - 8:18

8* miles - 1:02:37* (7:50/mile)*
7 miles - 56:42 (8:06/mile)

I think I'm right where I want to be but the AFC second half keeps running back in my head where I completely gassed out. I just don't want to get off to a great start again and gas at the end and completely ruin my chances at finishing around 1:44:00.

Also, did 50 push ups and situps after. Gotta do my pull ups tonight.

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