Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well it's crunch time this week and I really need to push myself this week since I want to taper off next week right on time for the race. So today I wanted to get a good run in and maybe do another long distance run this weekend. Since I'm not all that busy at work I decided to run 8 miles at lunch.

1:03:18 (7:55 / mile)

1st mile - 7:37
2nd mile - 7:50
3rd mile - 7:54
4th mile - 7:45
5th mile - 7:55
6th mile - 8:04
7th mile - 7:59
8th mile - 8:14

1st half - 31:06
2nd half - 32:12

I felt so dead tired after this run. I'm scared I'm going to go really strong the first half and then burn out like I did at the AFC in the second. Hopefully I can run with a better sense of pace at the half.

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