Thursday, January 3, 2008


Went to the gym this evening and ended up playing Halo 3 for some time. Didn't really want to work out but ended up just doing the following:

50 ring push ups
50 pull ups
50 sit ups

After I ended up rolling. Now lately I've been complaining about gassing when I would run and sure enough I gassed so quick. It was so bad I was gasping for air. I took a step back and started thinking about my energy levels have been pretty crap these last few weeks too. So I start talking to my friend Jaime about this problem and he starts asking me questions (he's a sports medicine student). What's my diet like? Am I eating breakfast? Am I eating complex carbs?

So he made me realize how bad I've been to my body. It's like putting unleaded fuel in a just won't function right. First things first...I HAVE TO START EATING BREAKFAST. So whether it's cereal or oatmeal or even a protein shake (with added stuff), I NEED TO EAT BREAKFAST. Second thing I need to do is start eating more fruit. The last time I did my half marathon my diet consisted of a lot of fruit.

So lesson learned...EAT BETTER!

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