Thursday, January 3, 2008

Half Guard

Tonight at the gym we worked on the half guard.


  • Knee in opponent's hip bone
  • Fore arm in neck


  • Pin arm trying to underhook to their body
  • Sit up
  • Get half butterfly guard
  • Grab their leg posted up
  • Head inside their chest
  • Roll them over

Take the back

  • Pin the arm again
  • Switch grip
  • Grab opponent's belt or lat
  • Sit up and take back


  • Gotta figure out more sweeps from half guard / half butterfly position. Ask Mike for details and figure it out.
  • Gotta recognize what guard passes are available....close the gap of moves. Stop having brain farts.
  • Stay active when trying to control someone from side mount. Don't just sit across their chest...mix it up. Knee on stomach, back down to side mount, etc...
  • Work physio ball to get the motion to be fluid.
  • It's nuts to feel my brother turn it up. Worked with him since he's testing soon and it's crazy to see the level of jiu jitsu him and Mike are at.

After rolling twice I was completely gassed. I've been having trouble with my cardio as of late. Talked to Jaime about it and he said to clean up my diet. So first thing I need to do is eat breakfast and second start eating more fruit.

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