Monday, January 28, 2008

Kimura, North / South and Triangle

Worked on kimura defense with Mike today.

Kimura defense from half guard

  • Over hook or guillotine they're arm (arm being attacked)
  • Hand on their hips
  • Sprawl hips, dropping the hip that is the side being attacked
  • Pin your shoulder on theirs
  • Head up and drive forward over their shoulder

Kimura defense from North / South

  • Free hand use to create space against their leg, so your head is not being smashed
  • Roll to get shoulders square on the mat
  • Make sure elbow is on mat and past their wrist

Escape from North / South

  • Hands and hips so you can press
  • Do crunch w/ legs to create more space
  • Then attempt to rock to get to knees
  • If they try to pin you with their head when you rock, slide one arm across they're body and try to get a leg to get to your knees

Defending the Triangle

Got this yesterday from Roy.

  • Set up as if you are doing an over the shoulder pass
  • However sprawl your chest to their butt.
  • Press forward and legs should pop open

This was really strange but very effective. I haven't tried it yet, but want to drill it.


  • When someone is attempting to start x-guard, make sure your leg is not availabe for them to pull on....try and smash.
  • Do not post your leg up when trying to free your leg. If deep enough, push it through to try and go for mount.
  • Like Rickson would say, "make like fuck" and start using my hips to create pressure (especially when trying to pass)

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