Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Got some more rolling in today. This time I got to roll with Paul. Paul has gotten very strong and aggressive which was good for me as I need to work on controlling people.

  • Heel to butt is awesome, especially when trying to pass the guard.
  • Escapes feel like they're getting better. I want to work on getting my bridge to be more explosive.
  • Definitely need to work on general hip movement. I want to be able to transition easily and as smooth as possible.
  • Guard passing feels good.
  • Might be time to focus on controlling from side and guard? My guard passing seems to have been getting better. Not sure when to start focusing in on controlling from the guard or side. Maybe work on both guard passing and guard now.
  • Guard feels good, but definitely want to expand (spider guard and x-guard) and develop good push/pull movement when playing the guard.

Quote of the Day:

"Takedowns are for fools that don't have guards." ~ Eddie Bravo

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