Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Guard Pass and Side Mount Escape

Rolled at the gym at lunch and at night.

Lunch notes:
  • Rolled with Paul and worked escapes.
  • Need to let people pass and work escapes.
  • Kimura defense has helped a lot.

Evening notes:

John showed me a guard pass and side mount escape.

Guard Pass

  • Guard is open with knee through (assume my left over their right)
  • Post right leg up
  • Anchor down on their head
  • Slide forward above head (to make them do the splits)
  • Similar to over the shoulder pass, but using your leg instead of shoulder
  • Donkey kick out and drop hips to complete pass

Side Mount Escape

  • Bridge and slide arm nearest opponent under them
  • Arm under grab heel of foot
  • Shoot legs to their head to create space for other arm to slide under
  • Turn into them to go for single leg


  • When working side mount escape "push yourself away from your opponent", don't "push them away from you"
  • Focus on getting arms in hips and armpits. Bump and push!
  • When passing, destroy legs. Don't rush to pass. Destroy their legs from side, top, etc...
  • Keep working escapes.
  • Look to set up kimura by grabbing elbows.

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