Monday, February 11, 2008

Half guard and X-guard

Went to the gym and rolled with Mike. Tried to work off my back towards the end, working half guard and x-guard.

Picked his brain on the half guard and x-guard.

Half Butterfly Sweep #1 (X-Guard transition)
  • Opponent goes for underhook, you grab the overhook and pin their arm to their body
  • Swing towards leg. Keep leg near head
  • Rock them over for the sweep
  • IF you just play the overhook they can post. If they post you can go to x-guard or a straight leg lock to get the sweep.

Half Butterfly Sweep #2 (Taking the back)

  • Swing towards leg and secure with gable grip.
  • Bring leg over head and to the other shoulder.
  • Grab their belt (make sure both arms are out from under them)
  • Flip feet to take back


  • Overhook to attack legs. Limited on sweeps, but can attack legs to create the sweep.
  • Underhook leg better for sweeps. Keep leg locked between shoulder and neck to stop them from pulling their leg out.

Other Notes:

  • Work on getting 2 sweeps from butterfly, half and x-guard since all 3 guards are so intertwined.
  • Focus on controlling the head and using the chin strap.
  • Work on 2 on 1, arm drag, overhook and underhook and transitioning from one to the other

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