Monday, February 25, 2008

Half guard tips

Went to the gym today and got some good rolling in with Mike and John. I came to Mike with questions on setting up my butterfly guard and hand fighting.

First tip he gave me was to change my starting position from my butt. Don't sit completely on my butt but rather one leg up and one down so that I can easily transition to stand up or roll back onto my back. The second tip he gave me was regarding hand fighting. I've been getting smashed every time I try to go to butterfly guard and his tip was to hand fight first. Create a dominate control on one arm and look for arm drags. In the butterfly guard arm drags will be there when an opponent tries to put their hands on your feet.

Other stuff:

Half guard or Z-Guard:

  • Overhook to arm drag. Opportunity to take back.
  • Overhook to guillotine. Let them slide their head as if they're to pass then hook over for the guillotine. Works well if you get to your side so they think they can take the back. Can probably try and vary it w/ a kimura to guillotine.


  • Change sitting position.
  • Look to work hands before jumping into butterfly
  • Work arm drags.
  • Felt ok rolling. Timing felt good. Was able to time some escapes.
  • Was able to work bear trap. Didn't realize how hard it is to cinch up. I think key is to keep elbows tight to create pressure on the neck.

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