Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things to work on

Went to the gym to train with Mike. It was a very good session. After getting my back taken and tapping to a rear naked choke I would pick Mike's brain about certain aspects of my game, then roll again only to tap to a rear naked choke (again) then pick his brain again. As usual he was very insightful on things I need to work on.

Things to work on:

Guard Passing

- very predictable. Need to threaten w/ more than just the smash the legs pass.
- look for knee slide.
- also look to hop over aka "hip drop". Remember to pin leg then drop hip and swing over.
- work combinations of smashing the legs to knee slide to hip drop to over the shoulder pass. Must threaten and not be so predictable.

Open Guard vs Standing Opponent

- gauge distance. Don't let them close dictate what's going on. Scoot away and shoot.
- pull them into you. Look for an arm or leg.
- watch knee pass. Defend knee and push it.
- need to play with this position more.

Rear naked choke

- use chin to lock in choking arm. Use free arm to push off other arm.
- down, in and up to finish.

Mount escapes

- keep elbow in tight. Don't let elbow go past my own belly button.
- push up and out. Get weight off.

Last thing to think about is staying committed to moves and going for them.

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