Thursday, July 24, 2008


Got to go to the gym for the night class for the first time in a long time. It was totally what I needed, the opportunity to roll with different people (size, experience, etc..). I got 4 rounds in and thought I did good but the one thing that popped out was the kind of shape I thought I was in compared to the shape I am in. I was gassed after the third round. Definitely might want to refocus my workouts and maybe go harder at lunch.


- attack, attack, attack
- learn to deal w/ stalling opponents
- need to work vs standing opponent when butt scooting
- squeeze is now up to level 3! HAHA
- feel an obsession with the back and RNC
- don't forget to work top game

I can feel myself losing focus on what I've been wanting to work on and need to make sure I don't go A.D.D. and try to learn all kinds of moves. Gotta remember my focus is on my guard (open, butterfly and half) and the other things like the back, RNC should all be options or results from working an effective guard. Priority number 2 is still my passing and top game.

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