Monday, September 22, 2008

Popping pills and this weekend

So this weekend I took care of a lot of that crap you just don't want to do and other stuff. On my list of crap to do:
  1. Change the oil in my Jeep
  2. Clean the bathrooms
  3. Pick up my supplements
  4. Unlock my iphone
I look at this list and think...I'm lying to people saying I'm actually going to be doing all this stuff so. Changing the oil in my Jeep was an interesting task. I get up and take Roger with me to Pep Boys to go pick up some oil. Now, I've changed my oil before but I can't say I'm "Mr. Mechanic" and I'm assuming Roger didn't want to see puddles of oil in the garage so he kindly changed the oil of my Jeep.

Now cleaning bathrooms...this has to be my specialty. You ask my wife and she'll tell you I'm a messy person and not really the best at sweeping or doing dishes but when it comes to cleaning bathrooms I'm all over it. Our shower had a bunch of built up mildew that I spent an hour scrubbing away at with bleach. I must have got high off the fumes cause I swear I was talking to Jesus and asking him why the Chargers haven't won yet. I missed out on a sweet practical joke when I was cleaning. I was looking for something heavy to throw on the ground to make it sound as if I fell. And when my wife would come storming up to see what happened I was going to lay out in the shower as if I passed out from the fumes....HILARIOUS! Too bad I didn't do it...there goes my shot at $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Sunday I went to pick up my supplements and I must say I love to pop pills cause shiet I take a lot. Let's see here, Cleanser, Multi-vitamin, fish oil, CLA, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Triflex. Now, do I believe that all these things work? I sure as hell hope so.

That's all the pills I take...and FYI, I took that photo with my iphone. Got that shiet unlocked! Actually Roger unlocked it...

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