Monday, October 13, 2008

Rolling and thoughts from the weekend

So this past weekend I went to the SCMA Convention which had a BJJ and Submission Grappling tournament. Something about tournaments that gets in my head. I watch and I should be out there competing. Sadly I didn't compete, but I feel like it lit a fire under my ass to get out there and compete. Watching guys at my level (intermediate) and the pros is just motivating, especially the pros. Mike, Glover, Cooper all those guys competing in the pro division was gust awe inspiring.

Went to the gym and rolled with some guys who are getting ready for Grappling X this coming weekend.

Warm up:

Knee on belly
Spinning Arm lock
Hop overs
Shoulder pass


- guy on bottom, sweeps or submits
- guy on top must pass
- guy who wins stays and goes on bottom


Knee bar from foot look position
- heel should be in the middle of the forearm, so that when you curl it in you can manipulate the toes.
- at the same time pull on the knee cap as well

- need to focus on controlling against larger / stronger opponents
- felt good in transitions - triangle to omoplata to taking the back

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