Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drill Day

Went to the gym with a stiff neck, but still gave it a go. Definitely went too cautious when I rolled, but it was for the best. There were some positions where my neck would just tingle and I'd stop or just tap to pressure on my neck. Conventional wisdom is to stop rolling and take some time off, but with all this Cobrinha stuff I'm learning I really don't think I can. I'll probably drill moves and roll light, but talking to Jeremy and drilling some positions has got my mind racing 100 mph.


- Spider seems to be a great start from open.
- Remember to kick out their far leg to open their base.
- Tri-pod, if they push leg down DLR
- If they defend DLR, Reverse DLR
- If they don't, sweep or inverted

So many combinations, but right now in my head all I can think of is: Spider - Tri-pod - DLR - Inverted. I also drilled the "rollie-pollie" movement and felt way smoother.

All I want to do is keep playing with this.

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