Sunday, April 5, 2009

Garage Training

Got to train at the house.

Guillotine work from butterfly

- from head and arm control in butterfly
- push in for guillotine, lean to side and sweep

Guillotine from half guard (top position)

- sprawl
- dig ribs into neck
- other arm check top leg, look for opening
- dump truck to finish

Butterfly notes (using head and arm control)

- remember to elevate opponent's arm by turning elbow out and up
- do not necessarily need opponent's arm locked in the bend of neck. makes it easier for opponent to escape

Passing against Z-Guard

- grab foot and turn up to open for over the shoulder pass
- use elbow to pry it open and look for over the shoulder pass

De La Riva Sweep

- pass arm between their legs to your hand
- not sure if grabbing should be under or over my leg
- dive in between their legs and roll them over

De La Riva Sweep #2

- attack far arm
- turn knees to dump em

Reverse De La Riva

- remember to coax em to come to you by pulling them in w/ your hook
- hook legs w/ arms
- be sure to turn opponent's knee out to make sweep easier

Taking Back

- w/ no hooks, block same side arm (preferably elbow)
- other arm should be keeping you tight
- drive em to roll over their shoulder
- w/ harness walk em up to get hooks

Sidemount escape

- use pendulm when opponent is flat
- when curled, better to bridge

Fun day of picking apart certain trouble areas. Got to roll a little with my stiff neck. Played w/ the de la riva and starting to see openings. There is really no difference when using the de la riva when someone is standing or kneeling w/ knee up. Pretty excited.

Remember to attack left and right

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