Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drill day at the Stronghold

No gi drill day. Sweep, submit or escape from the bottom. Pass or submit from the top. Rotate positions with partner. Got to work with my brother.

- closed guard
- open guard
- half guard (L/R)
- sidemount (L/R)
- mount
- turtle
- back with hooks


1. Sidemount arm attacks
- keep hips tight anddont let opponents arm in posture
- forearm in neck, turn out and up
- shift hips over and step over (remember to angle towards opponents hips but don't commit too much)
- attack far or near

2. Sidemount to brabo
- same as above regarding hips and opponents arm
- walk around trapping arm
- drop hips to keep opponents arm from coming out

3. Peruvian necktie
- stay patient with it
- bring far leg up first (leg near opponents hips) to hide intent
- be sure to keep hips heavy on head to control opponent

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