Thursday, July 16, 2009

Project 1:40 - Day 30

Same route today and same mentality. Start slow and pick it up towards the end. The result? Same finish time 39:27

5 miles - 39:27 (7:53 / mile)

1st mile - 8:04
2nd mile - 7:56
3rd mile - 7:45
4th mile - 7:38
5th mile - 8:03

Definitely feel good. I need to try and pick it up and do other cardio work to help. My brother and his family are coming over to hit the pool. I'll probably do a few laps tonight and upload my garmin run.

*Evening Update*

Went to the community pool to swim. I measured out the pool with my garmin to be 0.01 mile (16 meters). If I can get my ass out to the pool I'm hoping to get 160 meters in (0.10 mile).

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