Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Training - 7/7/09

Adrian, John Laird and Jonathan came over last night to train. Opened up with some half guard work. Person on bottom is looking to sweep, while the person on top is looking to pass. The person in stays until going with the other three guys and rotates out.

Showed some half guard stuff to the guys:

  • From half guard underhook (looking to take the back)
  • If they overhook - go to knees and take them down (tomahawk chop the legs)
  • If they base - roll them
  • If they take overhook out and base - shrug them up and take back again

Rolled a few rounds after.

Some notes:

- spider guard "wheel sweep", need to block the leg and use misdirection.
- deep half guard set up seems to be working well, especially after Mike's tip on using the outside leg to hook under.
- need to watch Tinguinha's spider guard and Robson's ultimate spider guard

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