Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trying to get into a groove

AM Workout

3 mile run

Post run workout:

Every minute for 5 minutes start a new round of:

*10 Gable Lock Pull-ups 5R/5L
*10 Hindu Push-ups
*15 Sit Throughs

The faster you work the more you rest.

Got through 3 rounds before being eaten up by the vortex. Finished up the other 2 sets, but I need to get through 5 minutes cleanly.

Ab sling:
*15 Knee Ups
*15 Oblique Knee Ups
*15 Leg Lifts

PM Workout

For time:
1. Pull ups
2. Shifting push ups

3. Deck squat
4. Tuck sit up

5. Body weight row (substituted w/ kettlebell rows)
6. Dive bomber push ups

7. Archer
8. Alternating knees to elbow

9. Sprinters lunge
10. Burpee


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