Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reps and Basics

Yesterday's class got me to thinking of how important the fundamental movements are. We had drilled our armbars and triangles. Though, I know how to do an armbar and triangle am I smooth when I do it? No where near as smooth as I want to be.

Goal is to rep armbars and triangles before Tuesday and Thursday night training as well as basic movements like the shrimp. Return to the basics and fundamentals is the key.

It's very simple, but I'm sure Galvao must have drilled a million times to look this smooth.

"Always begin your training session with lots of repetitions. Repeat the basic submissions arm-locks, triangles, omoplata, kimura and a choke. Do each 10 to 20 times from each side. Then practice something you have learned and like for your game. This should last 30 to 45 minutes only so you don't get mentally tired. I prefer to do that inthe mornings on my first training after breakfast. I follow this with a long stretch session. This kind of training always kept me sharp with my submissions and made them tight. But remember to repeat from each side it is always better to fight with a weapon on each hand than only one side! " -Andre Galvao

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