Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3.24.10 - Training


Worked from closed guard attack w/ collar grip.

Arm Bar from closed guard:
- cross #1 and #2, track their thumb
- use knees to swing them on top
- look for opposite arm bar, releasing cross #1

Collar Choke and combos
- make sure elbow is on top of their bicep for control

Palm up/palm down choke to:
- armbar
- triangle

#3 grip to:
- scissor
- scissor fail to kimura

Jeff and Mike gave me some good tips on my pendulum game:

Grips/Control points:
- armpit
- elbow
* using far arm and pinning head

Taking back:
- lawnmower, switch to near arm control of sleeve
- lazy man, far arm controls elbow and open them up (open for straight armlock)
* look into using grip 6 as a control point when taking the back

- lazy man combo
- think of combining shoulder clip
- when working for the arm to omoplata, try and lock the triangle first rather than going to the omoplata on far arm.

Contemplating working on butterfly / open guard the next 3 months. I feel as if my escapes and defense has improved, which was my goal for the 1st 3 months. I did branch into back attacks a bit. Need to focus in on what to work on these next 3 months.

Topics to consider:
- continuing the closed guard attack
- butterfly / open guard
- back attacks
- guard passing

Decisions, decisions.

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