Saturday, September 24, 2011

9.24.2011 - Breakfast Club Training

7am on Saturdays is becoming a ritual now.  Laird, Lee, Roger, Rino, TJ and myself coming out and training.  Today was an odd day though.  Mike came out and taught class and I unfortunately had to leave for Kaitlyn's first ballet class.  In the time that I was there Mike showed some details  to the leg drag pass and Laird and Lee showed me some De La Riva stuff.

Leg Dreg

 - torreando is key
 - if top leg comes in, leg drag
 - if bottom leg comes in, scoop into leg drag

De La Riva

 - kick and pull in (collar and sleeve control) to off balance
 - drive shin/knee down to turn them
 - pinch for omoplata

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