Monday, June 15, 2009

Project 1:40

Last month Ryan ran the Rock and Roll marathon here in San Diego and it got me to thinking. "I should really try and do a full marathon" The thought of training for a full marathon just flat out sucks, let alone actually running it. Maybe it's the fact that I put high standards upon myself and expect great things so it scares me to fail. So Ryan put it out there. Run the AFC half under 1:40, then sign up for the Rock and Roll next year. This is a sucker's bet, cause in my head I think there's no way I can hit 1:40 so I'm going to dodge next year's Rock and Roll. Then the competitive side in me kicks in and I start to thinking. Last time I ran the AFC I was running in some jacked up Nikes (no insoles) and it was blazing hot. I eventually finished at 1:54:13 which is definitely a respectable time. A few months later I ran the Carlsbad half and finished in 1:46:14. For the Carlsbad, I had new shoes and custom insoles. Granted, different course and different conditions but it got me to thinking why isn't 1:40 possible?

I have 63 days to make this a reality. I can't say I'm in the "best" shape, but I can definitely say I'm not out of shape. So is 1:40 possible? My ego says it is.

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  1. like keven garnett, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!